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Presidents Report – Monday 12th August 2013

Hi members,

This is my first report since taking office.  From the time I walked through the doors of this wonderful Club I had a warm fuzzy feeling. All members welcomed me so kindly and I saw the enthusiasm in the fellowship and projects. It is truly amazing how much a small Club can achieve.

My first task in this Newsletter is to thank Julia for the huge and successful effort she has put into the leadership last year. Julia is making my transition as President very smooth. Now, all you members, please note that without you there would be no projects and therefor we would be unable to help those less fortunate than ourselves. I thank you for what you have done and what you are going to do.

At this stage we have 2 major project in the pipeline but we should seek several lesser tasks. I think our Club per capita does more than any Club in the District, but let us not rest on our laurels and we must keep the momentum going forward.

I would like all members to think about 2 things before the next meeting.

1/      Are we prepared to take in an Exchange Student for 12 months?  Our involvement would be to find 0ne or two host families each for a period of three months.The Club then needs to find a school for the student and purchase a uniform and also provide some pocket money. Other members must be prepared to take the students for outings or home for dinner etc.  This exercise is most rewarding for the Club and I think we would derive much enjoyment.

2/    Would we like a member to take on the role of social organizing?

Coming back to last week, how good was it with the visit of our D.G and A.G Bronwyn. They were inspired by our report.

Should any members at anytime feel they wish to talk over anything at anytime please feel free to call me. I am a great listener.

President Marc

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