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A week to remember Tracy – Thursday 8th August 2013

It has been a sad week for St Kilda as many of us stopped to consider that a woman was murdered on our streets a few weeks ago.

St Kilda Gatehouse were outstanding in hosting a candlelit vigil for Tracy Connelly on Thursday night which was attended by hundreds of residents and many politicians from council, state and federal government. Again it has hit home the amazing work that Gatehouse does working on the front line providing comfort and support for women who find themselves working on the streets.

Tracy’s story is a sad one; as related by her brother at the vigil – a sensitive child who bonded strongly with her grandmother; when her grandmother died she did not quite recover from the loss in her life and later her older boyfriend introduced her to heroin which commenced a downward spiral in her life which led her to the streets of St Kilda.

Although her life took a severe downward swing there is no doubt she was loved and cherished by those she touched including her family, her partner, the women in Greeves Street, and the staff at Gatehouse.

This is a time not just to reflect on the violence towards women in our society but also to consider how we can be better neighbors and work harder to care for each other and look out for one another.

Sally Tonkin (CEO of St Kilda Gatehouse) mentioned on Facebook that it was amazing to see the shimmering underline under Tracy’s name on the wall of flowers from the candles on Thursday night – I am hoping we will all make that underline shimmer ever brighter as we try to derive some meaning from this event and make our home a better, safer place for everyone in our community.


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